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First responders

Events of the past few days have reminded us of the importance of first responders. That’s a term that came after 9/11, designating police, firefighters, and ambulance technicians who rush to the scene during an emergency, natural or man-made.
The Boston Marathon bombing and the massive fertilizer plant explosion and fire in Texas reminded us of the important work that first responders do in this world … always striving to move quickly, provide protection, and save lives. Several died in these recent events.
Sometimes it seems we forget about the first responders, until some big, ugly tragedy hits the news. Then we cheer them for a time … and eventually let them slip from our attention.
I have two brothers I consider first responders. My late brother Mike worked for the Forestry Service and helped battle big fires in the west. My brother Jerry spent many years operating a Wichita Fire Department Rescue squad.
No one could be prouder of two first responders than I am.
Our thought for today is from Cicero:
“Live as brave men; and if fortune is adverse, front its blows with brave hearts.”

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04/25/2013 1:38AM
First responders
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