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Fireworks hotline

No one can remember calling Sedgwick County 9-1-1 and getting a “busy signal”. That is, until this past July 4th … when two people called 9-1-1 to report a nasty motorcycle accident. They eventually contacted 9-1-1 and the patient was rushed to a hospital, where he later died.
Did the “busy signal” contribute to the man’s death? That is not provable, but it is entirely possible. Sedgwick County Commissioners have been asked to consider a new “hotline” dedicated to fireworks complaints during the annual Independence Day weekend, when many folks violate local fireworks laws, and this year kept police and firefighters especially busy.
Are people knowingly breaking the law? Surely some of them are. But consider the possibility that thousands have missed all the news coverage devoted to safe fireworks usage every year … and they are as ignorant of fireworks laws as they are of the names of the governor and their Kansas U-S senators.
The complaint “hotline” is a good alternative to simply banning fireworks. I hope it helps to ease the problem.
Our thought for today is from Socrates:
“The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.”

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07/20/2011 1:16AM
Fireworks hotline
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