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Expanding state government power

Beginning next Monday, Kansas law allows people with concealed carry gun licenses to enter any city and county government buildings that do have “adequate security measures”, such as metal detectors. Local governments can file for a six-month delay and then a four-year exemption.
City and county leaders are beginning to realize the state is aggressively shoving gun laws right down their throats. The Sedgwick County Commission already allows concealed carry in 80 of the county’s more than 100 buildings. The Wichita City Council voted to allow guns in 111 of 390 city buildings. But apparently that is not enough for our elected representatives in Topeka.
Watch for legal push-back as more community leaders realize they’re being bossed around by state lawmakers.
I have a very simple question: is all this necessary?
Why does it make sense to allow legal firearms in public facilities when those facilities have had no problems with illegal firearms in those facilities?
What am I missing here? Where is the problem for this solution?
Our thought for today is from Robert A. Humphrey:
“An undefined problem has an infinite number of solutions.” 

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06/24/2013 1:47AM
Expanding state government power
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