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Evaluating teachers online

I think Governor Brownback’s proposal to put Kansas teacher evaluations on a web site and let parents and students offer comments on-line is good for one thing: talking about retaining the best teachers we can. Beyond that, I think the idea stinks. It’s terribly negative.
Don’t get me wrong … I want all Kansas teachers to be outstanding, effective professionals. But opening them up to on-line gossip and possible trashing is simply wrong.
Larry Landwehr … President of United Teachers of Wichita … tells me teacher evaluation web sites would deny teachers due process if they are allegedly ineffective. Landwehr says teacher performance is already evaluated, and he thinks input from those who are not in the classroom and those who just don’t like a teacher would create “more problems”. He thinks the proposed web sites “would be a mess”.
I agree. This is not the way to improve Kansas education.
So how do we ‘weed out’ bad teachers? More on that tomorrow.
Our thought for today is a Chinese proverb:
“Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself.”

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02/06/2012 12:59AM
Evaluating teachers online
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02/06/2012 9:06AM
be balanced in your research by going beyond the views of the unions
Now that you asked the spokesman from teacher's union their opinion, why not be fair and balanced and expand your research? The teacher's union has always fought against any merit evaluations of teachers. Why not obtain the opinions of the students and their parents. Who pays for the teacher's salaries? The teachers need to be accountable to the ones who pay their salaries. The unions prevent the bad teachers from being fired.
02/07/2012 5:58PM
Accountability & Fairness
I agree that teachers should be accountable. In fact, I believe all people who are in positions of leadership should be responsible and held accountable. Please don't read this as a "rant"- it's just true: teachers give homework because students NEED to practice things like math facts. WHY do teachers want the students to practice? Because it will translate into better test scores (& because they want their students to learn math!) BUT, teachers have a problem because there are many, many parents who REFUSE homework for their child. Other parents are ambivalent or unhelpful or unsupportive. So we see that there can be weak parents as well as weak teachers. What I want to know is- who is talking about keeping parents responsible? What if something like this were put in place: The parent gets to keep his/her entire paycheck if their childrens' test scores are at a certain level. If the scores are under a certain level, the parent will lose a certain amount out of each check. It's only fair. After all, people should be held accountable.
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