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Encouraging good health

Last week the Sedgwick County Health Department presented a plan to promote better health in the community … saying 30% of Sedgwick County adults are obese. The plan encourages better eating habits and more exercise … the usual stuff … with a nod toward the bike paths as a good place to ride and work out.
Commissioner Richard Ranzau saw it as one more effort to increase people’s dependence on government programs. The plan presented was largely educational and no action was taken to force people to exercise.
Ranzau stated health is a personal matter and indicated his disfavor with government efforts to promote better health.
Well … mental health can have a huge impact on public safety, without considering its impact on individuals and families.
Obesity and other physical health problems also have a huge impact on healthy citizens who wind up paying for unhealthy citizens through higher health costs all around.
I must say short of ordering all citizens into a massive physical education class, a little public education might to do some good.
Our thought for today is from Mark Twain:
“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” 

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10/14/2013 1:32AM
Encouraging good health
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