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Don't take Thanksgiving for granted

Thanksgiving is a holiday originally meant to recognize the bountiful harvest when we were a young, agrarian nation. We don’t celebrate the crops like we once did, but there is an abundance to be thankful for every year at this time.
This may be the only time you have to think about it for a moment … with all the feasting and football and leftovers. So let me offer a few things to ponder. How’s your health? How’s your health care?
Do you have a good marriage … a good family? If you’re in a car or truck right now, is it reliable transportation … is it fun to drive?
How’s work going? Are those paychecks regular? Is the 4-0-1(k) doing well?
I know our nation faces some really big problems, and maybe your candidate was not elected. But are you proud to be an American?
Is the military doing a good job in protecting your freedoms?
Just a few thankful thoughts…
Our thought for today is from an unknown author:
“On Thanksgiving Day all over America, families sit down to dinner at the same moment … halftime.”

11/21/2012 3:09AM
Don't take Thanksgiving for granted
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