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Does your work require a degree?

Fewer than half of adults employed full or part time in the United States – 43% -- say the type of work they do generally requires a bachelor’s or more advanced degree. 57% say it does not … unchanged from 2005 … but down slightly from 61% in 2002. This comes from a Gallup Poll.
Two-thirds of workers with professional, executive, or managerial jobs say a college degree is needed in their line of work. Among those in all other white-collar jobs, the rate drops to 50%, with an equal number saying a college degree is not necessary. The great majority of those in blue-collar jobs say their work does not require a bachelor’s degree or greater.
The plurality of Americans – 42%  -- holds a professional job, 38% some other white-collar position, and 18% are in blue-collar jobs.
So, a good portion of Americans say their work does not require a degree. But just try to get your foot in the white-collar employment door without a degree!
Our thought for today is from L. L. Henderson:
“Fathers send their sons to college either because they went to college or because they didn’t.”

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09/17/2013 1:26AM
Does your work require a degree?
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