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Danger's Hour

“Danger’s Hour” is the story of the U-S-S Bunker Hill and the kamikaze pilots who crippled her. It was written by Maxwell Taylor Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy.
Toward the end of World War Two, America’s powerful forces crushed the Japanese in the Pacific. The Bunker Hill was an Essex Class aircraft carrier … the biggest, high-tech weapon on the planet. Kennedy tells us the personal stories of the men on the carrier and two young, inexperienced Japanese pilots who dove their planes into the ship’s deck … killing nearly 400 of the more than 3,000 crewmen.
Kennedy writes about the Japanese commanders ... realizing the war is lost … ordering young men to make suicide attacks on American ships, as Japanese soldiers made suicide attacks on the ground. These were actually supposed to be volunteers, but Kennedy reveals why most of them simply could not say “no” to their leaders.
Interested in terror attacks, suicide bombers, or World War Two? This is an excellent read.
Our thought for today is from Albert Camus:
“There is but one truly philosophical problem, and that is suicide.”

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03/05/2012 1:05AM
Danger's Hour
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