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Concealed-carry as conceived

I’m not a big supporter of laws that allow people to walk around with guns. I fear the occasional knucklehead who will misuse the gun and the law, and District Attorney Nola Foulston tells me there have been a few in Sedgwick County.
But I can’t deny the beauty of what happened when a would-be bandit confronted Steve Yager outside Yager’s business, Club Billiards on west Douglas. I spent many hours in that pool hall back in the day when it was known as Scotty’s … even wrote a poem about it for my high school chums. It can be a rough neighborhood.
When the man told Yager he had a gun and he wanted Yager’s wallet, the business owner responded that he had a gun, too … and pointed it at the man’s face. The would-be robber hit the bricks.
Chalk up one for the good guys. And at least on this occasion, I’ll chalk up one for concealed-carry.
Our thought for today is from Solomon Short:
“I’m all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let’s start with typewriters.”

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10/08/2012 12:58AM
Concealed-carry as conceived
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