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Comparing apples to oranges?

We have an oil and gas drilling boom in southern Kansas, but it’s nothing compared to that of Texas. Toss in that giant state’s tourism industry and you can see two big reasons why Kansas may not be able to replicate the Lone Star State’s job creation of the past few years.
Governor Sam Brownback has pointed to the Texas model in arguing for big Kansas income and business tax cuts recently signed into law, as a means to ‘grow’ the state’s economy. But Bernie Koch of the Kansas Economic Progress Council points out that the Kansas economy is not the Texas economy. And while Texas has no state income tax, it hammers its citizens with sales and property taxes that are among the highest in the nation.
Is that where we are headed in the Sunflower State? With our big tax cuts, the state faces a projected budget deficit of 2.5 billion dollars within six years.
That budget must by law be balanced. How will our lawmakers do it if the Texas-like growth doesn’t materialize?
Our thought for today is from Edgar Allan Poe:
“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only at night.”

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06/07/2012 1:01AM
Comparing apples to oranges?
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06/09/2012 12:36PM
Mr. HackIntosh, You are obviously just Filling Space to Carry WATER For Your Ruling Mass Buds! You Just Whine About The Issue and Offer No Solutions! Here's a Solution, Determine What You Have, Determine What Your Budget Is, Then Determine What You Can Afford! Simple Concept! If You Only Have Eighty Percent Of the Budget, Then You Only Fund The Budget At Eighty Percent. If Eighty Percent Doesn't Pay For This Pet Project, Or That Pet Project, Then Apply Those Funds To The Rest Of The Budget. Again, A Simple Concept. If Your Buds Aren't Up For The Job Without All That WHINING, Step Down, Someone Else Can Fill The Position. That Goes For You (Beg All You Want). Thought For The Day: Figures Lie, and Liars Figure!
06/19/2012 7:45AM
Apples to oranges
Mr. Anonymous poster above: It is incorrect to capitalize every word one types. Perhaps you could come see my 7-year-old daughter for some tutoring.
06/20/2012 12:09AM
Your Kidding, RIGHT? I'll wait till She's All Grown UP and See What She Says Then! Our Thought For The DAY: Man Who Thinks 7 Year Old Daughter Knows ALL, Lives In Sheltered World!
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