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Chuck Hagel: Liberal?

Recently on the Steve & Ted in the Morning Show I commented that former Republican Nebraska Senator and Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel is a political conservative. A listener called our producer to correct me, saying Hagel is in fact “a liberal.”
He has a lifetime rating of 84% from the American Conservative Union and consistent A and B grades from the National Taxpayers Union. He voted for the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, against No Child Left Behind, against Bush’s Medicare prescription drug bill, and against McCain-Feingold.
As a wounded combat veteran, Hagel has first-hand knowledge of war and he doesn’t care for it. He voted against troop surges in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Chuck Hagel may be independent, but he’s nobody’s definition of a liberal.
I have a son in the military. I have no problem with a combat veteran, independent conservative as Defense Secretary.
Better him than the usual R-E-M-F … which is a military term that I cannot share on radio.
Our thought for today is from Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.:
“All wars are popular for the first 30 days.” 

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01/16/2013 1:05AM
Chuck Hagel: Liberal?
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