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Everybody celebrates Christmas. We get hooked when we’re young on the whole Santa Claus thing … then grow up to learn that this is a time of the year to spend a lot of money on bright, shiny stuff that we would not ordinarily purchase. It’s fun … and it allows us to please others with our always-considerate, just-the-right gift.
There are also family gatherings, great food, and melancholy memories of loved ones and Christmases past.
Somewhere in all of that, many of us find the true meaning of the holiday … the celebration of Emmanuel … “God with man” … the birth of Christ. God gave us the greatest gift of all … we Christians believe … and that’s why we give special gifts to others at Christmas … and try to remember that we ought to treat our fellow humans with respect, even if we can’t muster up much love.
After all, as the song says, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”.
Our thought for today is from all of us here at K-N-S-S to you and yours:
“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

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12/22/2011 3:25AM
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