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Chris Christie for president?

Will New Jersey Governor Chris Christie run for president in 2016? A recent poll indicates 59% of the people in his home state believe Christie will make a run for the White House.
Christie has shown skill with the media, which is essential for any serious candidate. He has shown that he can work with others in solving problems, even those with opposing political views. That is attractive to Independents, who vote for the candidate and not strictly on political philosophy.
And there lies the rub. The right wing of the Republican Party is rigid on standing up for ideals, even if it means running candidates who are not electable. For many, it seems they would rather be right than lead the national government.
If Chris Christie shows up for the primaries, he’ll be joined by other G-O-P hopefuls who will be forceful in demanding no compromise … the right wing way or the highway. Will it again be “the highway” in 2016?
Our thought for today is from Clarence Darrow:
“When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President. Now I’m beginning to believe it.”

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12/02/2013 1:18AM
Chris Christie for president?
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