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Carnival cruising

A couple years ago my wife and I hosted a Carnival cruise to Mexico on the ill-fated Triumph. Our cruise was uneventful … really quite nice. The folks at Village Travel in Wichita took Shelley and me and our guests by the hand, and made the whole experience positive.
One or two travelers required a little extra hand-holding, but the guides were expert in dealing with such things.
Shelley and I don’t relish the idea of spending several days anywhere with several thousand strangers. And we both had our doubts about being on the open sea. But all went well and we found ourselves having a really nice time.
For a company specializing in creating terrific travel experiences, this Triumph incident has to be horrendous.
We rarely hear about big problems with Carnival cruises. I won’t condemn the company for one unfortunate meltdown.
Then again … I wasn’t on board that ship for five days of hell!
Our thought for today is from Paul Theroux:
“Travel is only glamorous in retrospect.” 

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02/20/2013 2:00AM
Carnival cruising
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