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Can we save the Postal Service?

Two key senators are proposing a plan to fix the Postal Service … which lost $16 billion last year, $11 billion of that in congressionally-mandated payments to its health fund for future retirees.
Democrat Tom Carper of Delaware and Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma have a plan that includes changes in how pensions and retiree health care costs are calculated … and a two-year moratorium on closing mail processing plants. The plan would allow the Postal Service to ship beer, wine, and spirits … and encourage residents and businesses to convert from door-to-door service to curbside and cluster box delivery.
Many Americans now use the internet to do what the mail service does. But my wife and I use so-called “snail mail” to pay bills and communicate notes and cards with loved ones. We wouldn’t mind going to curbside or cluster box service, nor would we miss Saturday delivery. It would present a challenge for people like my mom, who are somewhat immobile. But it’s an obstacle that could be overcome if we truly want to save the Postal Service.
Our thought for today is from Bertha Calloway:
“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” 

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08/14/2013 1:25AM
Can we save the Postal Service?
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