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Can it happen here?

Twelve hundred people were arrested during several days and nights of riots in Great Britain’s largest cities. The question arose: “Could that happen here in the U.S.?”
Talker Bill O’Reilly answered “yes” … reasoning that there is a lot of “anger” in America right now. A poll taken on the K-N-S-S web site showed 92% agreed that such riots can happen here, while only 8% said “no”.
Of course, anything’s possible … but I have my doubts. The biggest, most violent American riots I can recall were about race. I don’t know what might fuel a prolonged, violent public disturbance in the U.S. today. Who would participate?
I’ve personally covered two riots in Wichita during my 41-year career. Both of them started over some small incident involving the police, and both were terminated within a very short time. The violence was ugly but brief, as the police responded with force and without hesitation.
Yes … a full-blown, violent public disturbance lasting several days could occur in the United States. But I have serious doubts that it will.
Our thought for today is from Isaac Asimov:
“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”

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08/16/2011 1:18AM
Can it happen here?
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