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Bullying is very much in the news these days … with recent stories about young people committing suicide after being ridiculed on the Internet. Last week we had the story of alleged bullying at a local high school, where it was claimed a football player was beaten with the buckle-end of belts by his teammates. If it’s true, that is some pretty nasty stuff. The incident is going to court.
All Kansas school districts are legally bound to have a bullying policy, but that doesn’t mean that every student or faculty member has read it or will obey it. I’ve got a feeling heads will roll at that local school.
Bullying is defined as one person or group controlling or dominating another in a harmful way. Wichita school security chief Debbie McKenna tells me many bullies come from homes where they learn to bully from parents and siblings. That behavior … like so much negative behavior … makes the transition from home to school.
We also see bullying in the workplace and all other parts of our culture, as I’m sure you know.
Our thought for today is from Marie de France:
“A bully is not reasonable – he is persuaded only by threats.”

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12/14/2010 1:23AM
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