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National Bullying Awareness Month is actually October, but our corporate people have encouraged the Entercom radio stations to focus on this issue recently. I’ve done “Issues” public affairs programs on bullying in the past, including one this week.
I was fortunate that I was never bullied as a child. If someone intended to dominate or control me by force, I simply don’t remember it. But I’m certain it happened to others. And although they’ve never mentioned it, my children may have been the victims of bullying. I would be angry if I thought either would ever bully another person.
I admit that I have always been a terrible tease. Did I take it too far on occasion? Did I hurt someone’s feelings?
Now, that is entirely possible. But I have never tried to dominate or control another person through intimidation, so my conscience is clear; I am not a bully.
The schools and social services are dealing with this every day. In spite of the media attention, the problem is by no means solved.
Our thought for today is from Marie De France:
“A bully is not reasonable – he is persuaded only by threats.”

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05/03/2013 1:45AM
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