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Boy Scouts still wrestling with gay issue

In May, the 1,400 members of the Boy Scouts of America National Council will decide whether to lift their ban on homosexual Scouts and leaders. The idea is to make gay inclusion a local option … to let each troop decide.
About 70% of Boy Scout troops are chartered to faith-based groups. Some churches have been outspoken in their opposition to homosexuality, quoting the Bible as saying it is sinful. However, other churches have shown acceptance to gay members.
Many believe homosexuality is a chosen behavior, that it’s creepy, it’s wrong, and a gay person can be “cured”. Others believe a person is born “that way”, and should not be punished for their human nature.
Gay people make many of us feel uncomfortable.
I understand. But I wonder how our tolerance of gays might change, should we discover that a close friend or relative is gay. Would that perspective change our level of tolerance?
Our thought for today is from Helen Keller:
“The highest result of education is tolerance.”

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02/13/2013 1:50AM
Boy Scouts still wrestling with gay issue
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