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Books I?ve Been Waiting For

I did say earlier I’d mention from time to time what’s new on my Kobo E-Reader.  I’m not always reading something new; I do go back over books I have not read for a long while every so often too.  Usually before the next book in a series I’m following arrives I re-read the series (or the last few if the series is really long.)  And so I was back to the paperbacks and hardbacks for the Dresden Files and A Song of Ice and Fire.

The latest book in A Song of Ice and Fire (lovingly shortened to ASoIaF) by George R.R. Martin is “A Dance With Dragons.” And I’ve been waiting for it for a LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGG time.  The series started with book one in 1996.  Two years later book two in 1998.  2000 brought us book 3.  So we thought we had the pacing figured out.  But by 2002 no word on book 4, that was finally released in 2005.  And now book 5, well we’ve only waited SIX YEARS FOR IT.  Was it worth it?  Yeah; some interesting stuff happens, and Martin is really good with political intrigue.  What is ASoIaF?  Imagine racy political thriller… in the middle ages… with magic and dragons.  Tons of fun.  HBO just finished season one of “A Game of Thrones” a television show based upon the series.  Check it out if you are interested.

I’ve been waiting less long for “Ghost Story” the latest book in the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.  Butcher makes a reader pull his hair out less than Martin, releasing a book on average of once a year.  But last year’s Dresden story “Changes” ended on a huge cliffhanger (a character very central to the story took a bullet in the chest, the end.)  Well, that’s all sorted out and overall… another good entry in a good series.  The Dresden Files had a television series as well, on the Sci-Fi (now calling themselves SyFy for some stupid reason; really that’s a terrible name that I have since began pronouncing as “Siffy”) network.  It only lasted a dozen episodes, but it was a fun little show and kind of an “alternate” telling of the Dresden Files story.  To describe the Dresden Files… think Harry Potter… middle aged and living in Chicago… running a detective agency.  It’s Merlin meets Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade as Gandalf… craziness ensues. 

The Dresden Files author Jim Butcher recommended the book I’m currently reading on my Kobo.  It’s “Child of Fire” A Twenty Palaces novel by Harry Connolly.  Liking it so far; it’s not as good as Dresden Files,  but if you are a Dresden fan Twenty Palaces is a decent  series.  Plus on (now that Borders is closed) it was on sale for $0.99.  Few books aren’t worth a buck.  Plus for some reason I’m not being charged a state sales tax on e-book purchases.

Forget I said that last bit, no reason to be the squeaky wheel on that issue. Although that would have made that last purchase $1.06… not really a big deal.

Borders closing was sad, and a pain in the butt for us Kobo owners.  Although we still get support from which I’m finding to be a perfectly suitable online bookstore.  All I had to do to switch over my Kobo from Borders to Kobo was go to, create a log in account, go to the “merge with Borders” page, and log in using my Borders login and password.  Then I reset my Kobo to factory defaults and performed the latest system update.  Took about 10 minutes, but I have all my books and I can buy e-books right from my wireless e-reader.  Sometime today I’ll be in Barnes and Noble at the Starbucks Café drinking an iced mocha and reading from my Kobo.

Suck on that, Nook.

But seriously, Barnes and Noble is my bookstore from now on I guess.  They get my business by virtue of being the only big boxstore book retailer in the city.  Way to go Barnes and Noble… you’ve won by default.

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08/12/2011 6:41AM
Books I’ve Been Waiting For
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