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Boeing's departure

Certainly, a community cannot see a heavy manufacturing plant close without feeling the impact. Hundreds of jobs are lost, though many of those workers may be able to find other work in the local aircraft industry. Subcontractors will lose work and they may lay off people. The loss of those high-paying jobs will have an impact on the local tax base.
The general aviation base in Wichita still looks solid, and may see some job growth in the near future.
For decades this community has felt the boom-and-bust cycles of aviation manufacturing. There has been talk about diversifying our economic base, but we haven’t seen any big new companies spring up for years. Will we ever see a new Pizza Hut or Rent-A-Center? What is the future for business and job creation in Wichita?
Will aviation manufacturing carry us for a few more decades? Is there anything new and exciting on the horizon?
These are things we should all be thinking about.
Our thought for today is from Alan Kay:
“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

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01/09/2012 1:01AM
Boeing's departure
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