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Biden burden?

Is Vice President Joe Biden going to be much help to President Obama in this fall’s election, in the crucial swing states? A U-S-A Today/Gallup Poll of more than a thousand adults showed 42% with a favorable opinion of Biden and 45% with an unfavorable opinion. It’s worse in the 12 swing states … 40% favorable and 54% unfavorable. In those same states, President Obama is seen favorably by 50% … and unfavorably by 49%.
Biden doesn’t get much love from Independent voters either; 50% viewing him unfavorably … and only 35% with a favorable view.
In a similar poll in July of 1992, Dan Quayle was viewed favorably by only 33% … and unfavorably by 58%. And in July of 2004, Dick Cheney pulled 46% favorable, against 42% unfavorable.
So do President Obama’s campaign people view Biden as a burden? Do they want to dump him from the ticket? I’d bet against it. Historically, sitting presidents don’t usually change running mates.
Our thought for today is from Vice President John Nance Garner:
“The vice-presidency ain’t worth a pitcher of warm spit.”
(He actually used another word in place of “spit”) 

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05/31/2012 1:07AM
Biden burden?
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