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Bad drivers

I can’t say drivers in the Wichita area are any worse than drivers anywhere else. But it’s easy to see the countless violations and just plain awful driving on Wichita streets every day.
Last week’s Operation Impact along Broadway netted 448 traffic violations in 24 hours … mostly for speeding and safety belt violations. My personal most-annoying violations … tail-gating and non use of directional indicators (blinkers) … seem to be really difficult for officers to detect and cite.
One guy who was easy to catch was the S-U-V driver who slammed into the back of a police cruiser at 60 miles per hour … even though the cop had his emergency lights flashing. The driver was cited for inattentive driving; he was allegedly texting when he demolished the cop car. The driver walked away without injury, as did the officer … who was out of the car.
Local drivers can be terrifying enough for me … without the added distraction of texting while they’re behind the wheel.
Our thought for today is from Elbert Hubbard:
“Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.”

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04/27/2011 1:25AM
Bad drivers
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