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Assessing the terrorism threat

I often wonder if … in the horrific aftermath of 9/11 … our government might have over-reacted. Did we really need to activate all those troops and send them to the Middle East? Did we really need to commit our nation to two costly wars … with so much human misery, plus the drain on our national credit card?
But our reaction calls for an accurate assessment of the enemy’s strength, and I don’t believe we ever got one. Did al-Qaeda number eight, 80, or 800? Where were these guys … exactly? Afghanistan was obviously the right first target, but without initial success in capturing or killing bin Laden, we got bogged down.
Our military has responded beautifully to everything they’ve been asked to do. My question is, did we really need that many … for that long? And when can they all come home?
Certainly, I’m “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” … but I think these are good questions.
Our thought for today is from James Thurber:
“It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.”

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05/10/2011 1:17AM
Assessing the terrorism threat
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