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Ask not!

Fifty years ago this week the short presidency of John F. Kennedy was just beginning. I was in the sixth grade at Peterson School.
Much has been said the past few days about the Kennedy Inauguration speech, generally regarded as one of the best … if not the best in our nation’s history.
The speech reflected Kennedy himself, with words about a “new generation of Americans” and a reference to World War Two … in which Kennedy and so many others had served. Born into wealth, Kennedy challenged Americans to join him in service: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.
Those words must sound strange to so many of today’s Americans, constantly told all government is bad and people should just take care of themselves. There are also many with their hands constantly out … asking what their country can do for them.
We all want to be good Americans and do what is right. But it seems we all have different definitions of “good Americans” and of what is “right”.
Our thought for today is from Lyndon B. Johnson:
“A president’s hardest task is not to do what’s right, but to know what’s right.”

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01/25/2011 1:20AM
Ask not!
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