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As Far As I Know...

Charlie Sheen isn’t dead.  At least not at the time I’m writing this.  I’m willing to grant you that Charlie’s brand of “winning” can lead to all sorts of demises. (OD, alcohol poisoning, falling off of a mansion roof clutching a machete and a bottle of tiger’s blood… you know, the usual)  But as far as I know dude is still out there “winning.”

So why am I bringing it up?  Just another “phishing” warning.  It’s already out there, click on the facebook (or twitter, e-mail, or youtube) link to “Charlie Sheen Dies” and you are infected with any number of vicious malware programs.  Whether its spyware designed to target you for spam and ads, spyware that attempts to steal your identity, or just a virus designed to damage your computer; it’s just something you want to avoid.  It’s a very common “phishing” scam.  Say something topical on facebook, twitter, or just your favorite message board; “Charlie Sheen Dies” or “Selma Hayek Naked” would each gather plenty of clicks.  Next redirect the links to head to a website that infects the computer with malware.  Then sit back and steal identities.  It’s so easy I could do it, if I didn’t hold scammers and spammers in so much contempt.

If you’re really worried about Charlie Sheen, just check your favorite national news site.  I guarantee his demise would be front page material, and if it’s not you could always search the site to find it.  If you don’t, Chuck is still “winning.”  And if you safely want to see a pic of Selma Hayek… sorry McIntosh, that’s not the kind of internet advice I’m willing to hand out.  Better luck next time.

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03/14/2011 8:44AM
As Far As I Know...
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