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Are the jobs coming back?

Wichita City Council member Pete Meitzner recently told me he had doubts that the national economy will ever truly bounce back from the Great Recession of the past few years … at least not like we’ve seen recoveries in the past.
Meitzner was focused on jobs. Here in Wichita, we may see some expansion in the aircraft industry and those high-paying manufacturing jobs that are great for our economy. Other cities are not so lucky; they don’t have manufacturing or high-tech businesses.
During the downturn of the past few years, many Americans dropped out of the labor force … stopped looking for jobs. Others re-educated, re-trained, re-tooled … some going to better-paying jobs, some not.
Meanwhile, technology and a slow economy encouraged businesses to find more ways to increase productivity. That means fewer workers doing more work.
The message to workers is, if you have a decent job, hang on to it. That position may not be there tomorrow.
Our thought for today is from Robert Frost:
“The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.”

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02/15/2013 1:52AM
Are the jobs coming back?
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