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Another pessimistic poll

Much as I dislike starting the new year on a negative note, a recent U-S-A Today/Gallup poll indicates plenty of pessimism in the hearts and minds of Americans.
U-S-A Today reports the survey “finds a nation more downbeat, more dissatisfied with its political leadership, and more concerned about the country’s direction than at almost any other point in modern times. By wide margins, those surveyed said the election process isn’t working and the candidates are not coming up with good ideas to solve the nation’s problems. Fewer than half say there is any candidate running … Republican or Democrat … who would make a good president”.
“Americans by 4 to 1 say it makes ‘a real difference’ to them who is elected president, and a 53% majority strongly agrees that the stakes in this election are higher than in previous years”.
Just 8% say President Obama has done an “excellent” job. The “excellent” rating was given by just 3% to congressional Democrats and 2% to congressional Republicans.
Our thought for today is from George F. Will:
“The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.”

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01/03/2012 1:09AM
Another pessimistic poll
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