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Americans worried about jobs

Nearly five years after the global financial crisis that spurred up to 10% unemployment in 2009, Americans are still worried about job security. A Gallup Poll puts 43% of respondents worried that their benefits will be reduced, compared with 31% in 2003 and a spike of 46% in 2009.
31% and 29% worry that their wages will be reduced or they’ll be laid off … about double what it was in the 2003 survey. 25% worry that their hours will be cut back.
Job security is not something Americans take for granted. We realize that market forces or a change in management or ownership can signal big changes in workers’ livelihoods. Obviously, some Americans are immune from such concerns; doctors, lawyers, accountants, congressmen come to mind. But for many Americans, lack of job security is something we’ve learned to live with.
It’s not a very positive motivation, but many of us realize we’re lucky to be working … and really lucky to have benefits.
Our thought for today is from Robert Frost:
“The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.”

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09/10/2013 1:26AM
Americans worried about jobs
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