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Americans' thoughts on economic recovery

The Pew Research Center recently surveyed nearly 15-hundred Americans … four years after the official end of the recession. 44% say it will be a long time before the nation’s economy recovers. 28% say the economy is recovering and 26% say it will recover soon. Those numbers haven’t changed much since March.
In the July poll 17% said economic conditions are excellent or good, while 82% rated them as only fair or poor. That 17% compares with 23% in June rating the economy excellent or good … the most positive measure in more than five years.
If a “good” economy … or a “good” recovery equate with creating well-paid, full-time jobs, then the Pew research is not surprising. Big companies are reportedly sitting on mountains of cash, but they see no reason to spend that money on hiring people.
It seems to me there is still a lot of uncertainty in the business world when it comes to health care and a dysfunctional federal government. That skepticism has an impact on the overall economy.
Our thought for today is from Voltaire:
“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.” 

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08/21/2013 1:25AM
Americans' thoughts on economic recovery
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