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Americans don't want to give up on health care reform

I found the results of an Associated Press/GfK poll surprising. Three-fourths of those surveyed said they want the president and Congress to get to work on a new bill to change the health care system if the Supreme Court strikes down President Obama’s 2010 law as unconstitutional.
With all the controversy over health care reform, I would have thought Americans would like to back away completely.
I like some aspects of so-called Obamacare … and don’t like others. Will the Court toss the entire package, or only parts of the plan?
Neither political party seems anxious to begin another round of health care debate.
To me, new discussion should include what is driving soaring health care costs and what can be done to stem the tide. It seems to me that is the logical first step … and it’s never been realistically considered by our elected officials.
Health care reform is a huge issue. Why not take it one step at a time?
Our thought for today is from Laurence J. Peter:
“Against logic there is no armor like ignorance.”

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06/25/2012 1:12AM
Americans don't want to give up on health care reform
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