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Americans' religious knowledge

Recently the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life released its new U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey. It found that although 86% of Americans believe in God or a higher power, we don’t know our own traditions or those of neighbors across the street or across the globe.
U-S-A Today reports: “Among 3,412 adults surveyed, only 2% correctly answered at least 29 of 32 questions on the Bible, major religious figures, beliefs, and practices. The average score was 16 correct (50%)”.
Just 55% of Catholic respondents knew the core teaching that the bread and wine in the Mass become the body and blood of Christ, and are not merely symbols. Just 19% of Protestants knew the basic tenet that salvation is through faith alone, not actions as well. 55% of all respondents knew the Golden Rule is NOT one of the Ten Commandments. 45% could name all four Gospels … Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
Top scoring groups were atheists/agnostics, Jews, and Mormons.
Our thought for today is from Mark Twain:
 “In religion and politics, people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second hand, and without examination.”

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10/07/2010 1:24AM
Americans' religious knowledge
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