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All conservative, all the time

Judging from the listeners I talk to occasionally, and from my personal acquaintances, there are not a great many Kansans who would ever describe themselves as politically “liberal”. Let’s face it: in Kansas we all pretty much think, dress, act, and talk conservatively.
Did you know that during the first part of the last century Kansas was considered a hot bed of socialist thought and publishing? It’s true.
Most of the conservatives I know today simply want to see a little less government, sensible spending, and reasonable taxes. My personal acquaintances don’t get too riled up about concealed-and-carry or gay issues or local government incentives to help business development.
In short, the people I know are pretty moderate and mostly conservative. That’s why I find this pushing further to the right by some in the Republican Party disturbing. What is their litmus test for their fellow Republicans? How conservative is conservative enough? Shouldn’t effective government demand the presentation of as many viewpoints as possible? Or is just one point of view desirable, or acceptable?
Our thought for today is from Lyndon B. Johnson:
“If two men agree on everything, you may be sure that one of them is doing the thinking.”

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01/12/2012 1:03AM
All conservative, all the time
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