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Bristol Palin Describes Moments That Led to Drunken Brawl

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) -- Bristol Palin said the drunken brawl involving her family at a house party last month was started when she was defending her younger sister, newly released audio reveals.The eldest daughter of Sarah Palin is heard on the audio obtained by ABC News from the Anchorage Police Department telling an officer that her sister Willow, 20, came up to her while she was waiting in the family’s rented limo and told her an “old lady&rd

Political TV Ad Claims Obama Is Bad for African Americans

hermosawave/iStockphoto/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- While President Obama has returned to the campaign trail to court the black vote ahead of the midterm elections, race has arisen as an issue in two key Senate races, albeit for very different reasons.A new television ad airing in Louisiana makes the case that the nation’s first black president has been bad for the black community.The ad comes from a group called “Progressives for Immigration Reform” and uses images of Hurr

Georgia Democratic Party Urges Residents to Vote, 'Prevent Another Ferguson'

hermosawave/iStockphoto/Thinkstock(ATLANTA) -- The Georgia Democratic Party says it has been sending out political fliers featuring black children holding up signs that read "Don't Shoot," referencing the racial tensions in Ferguson, Mo., asking residents to "VOTE...if you want to prevent another Ferguson in their future."The fliers are a reference to the police-involved shooting in Ferguson that left 18-year-old Michael Brown dead in August. The party issued a statement on Tuesday calling the "

Rick Perry Announces Creation of New Ebola Containment Facility in North Texas

ABC/Matthew Putney(DALLAS) -- Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, announced the creation of a state-of-the-art Ebola treatment and infectious disease bio containment facility in North Texas on Tuesday.The facility will be set up and operated through a partnership between the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Methodist Hospital System and Parkland Hospital System. Those hospitals will contribute physicians experienced in treating infectious disease; space; and equipment to the new facility."

White House Fence Jumper Deemed Not Competent for Trial

m-kojot/iStockphoto/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- A preliminary mental health assessment has determined that the White House fence jumper, Omar Gonzalez, is not competent for trial.Gonzalez was charged with unlawfully entering a restricted building while carrying a weapon, assaulting an officer and numerous local offenses after he hopped the fence at the White House and evaded Secret Service agents on his way into the building in September.Last week, Gonzalez underwent a one-hour forensic screening.

GAO: Thousands of Federal Workers on Extended Paid Leave

iStock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- More than 57,000 government workers were placed on paid administrative leave for over one month between 2011 and 2013, the Government Accountability Office said in a report released on Tuesday, with 263 employees being paid while on leave for over a year.The GAO review looked at data from the Department of Defense, the Department of the Interior, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the General Services Administration and the U.S. Agency for International Developm

Obama's 'Unpaid Bills' Quip Disappears from Transcript

Pete Souza - The White House(WASHINGTON) -- President Obama’s unpaid bills have gone missing.During a rare trip home to Chicago, Obama on Monday lamented the life he left behind.“One of the nice things about being home is actually that it’s a little bit like a time capsule,” he told supporters at a fundraiser.“Because Michelle and I and the kids, we left so quickly that there’s still junk on my desk, including some unpaid bills,” Obama joked. “I th

RNC Targets Sen. Mark Pryor in New Video

US Congress(WASHINGTON) -- Two weeks before the election, the Republican National Committee is targeting Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor in its latest “Road to Six” video, arguing that he “does not represent Arkansas values.” The video paints Pryor as a candidate who has voted and sided with President Obama. It also features footage of Pryor saying Rep. Tom Cotton has a “sense of entitlement” because he served in the military.Follow @ABCNewsRadio !function(d,s,id){

Hillary Clinton to Stump for Sen. Udall in Colorado Again

Scott Olson/Getty Images(DENVER) -- Hillary Clinton on Tuesday will make her second stop in Colorado for embattled Sen. Mark Udall in just over a week, anchoring a get-out-the-vote rally in Denver. The former secretary of state’s appearance -- sandwiched between Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Friday visit, and first lady Michelle Obama’s stop this Thursday -- is part of a highly choreographed effort to stimulate the Democratic base as early voting begins. While Democrats

NC GOP Sends Duck Across State Questioning Sen. Hagan

NCRNC(WASHINGTON) -- Remember the Republican National Committee squirrel that hounded former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the start of her book tour? Turns out he has a Southern friend. The North Carolina Republican Party has sent someone around the state in a yellow duck costume with a series of signs, questioning Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan’s decision to “duck” a proposed fourth Senate debate Tuesday evening, as well as the classified Senate ISIS briefing she missed fo

The Hilarious Moment When a Man Told Obama, 'Don't Touch My Girlfriend'

ABC News(CHICAGO) — President Obama found himself in an unusual situation Monday.As he was casting his ballot early in Chicago, minding his own business behind the voting booth, a young man walked by and warned him “don’t touch my girlfriend.”The girlfriend, who was voting in the booth next to Obama, was humiliated, to say the least. “I really wasn’t planning on it,” Obama joked with the woman. “There’s an example of a brother just embarrassi

The Bigger the Government, the Happier the People?

iStock/Thinkstock(WACO, Texas) -- For decades, conservatives have decried the concept of big government, claiming it hurts personal civil liberties and stifles economic growth.However, Baylor University political scientists Patrick Flavin argues that conservatives may want to rethink their long-standing belief based on a study he did of 50,000 people in 21 countries.The general consensus is that people are happier with big governments with leftist leanings that provide numerous entitlement progr

POLL: More Prefer Public Transit to Road Building

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Americans in an ABC News/Washington Post poll favor expanded public transportation options over road building in government efforts to reduce traffic congestion. But where they live makes a difference.Overall, 54 percent prefer focusing on public transit, such as trains and buses, while four in 10 say the government should focus on expanding and building roads instead. Preference for public transit, though, ranges from 61 percent of urban residents to 52 percent of

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Suspended with Pay After Pornographic Email S

Vladek/iStockphoto/Thinkstock(HARRISBURG, Pa.) -- The Pennsylvania Supreme Court suspended one of its members on Monday after he was accused exchanging sexually explicit emails.The court chose to relieve Seamus McCaffery of his judicial and administrative responsibilities in light of the email scandal. The court also noted allegations that McCaffery may have attempted to use his position to alter a judicial assignment outside of the scope of his duties, authorized his wife to accept referral fee

Monica Lewinsky Tears Up During Speech About Life After Bill Clinton

Photo by David M. Benett/Getty Images for Marie Curie(WASHINGTON) -- Monica Lewinsky nearly broke down in tears Monday as she recounted her experience as “patient zero, the first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the Internet.”In what she called her “first public talk,” Lewinsky vowed to “give purpose to my past” by speaking publicly about life after her affair with then-President Bill Clinton.“My name is Monica Lewinsky

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