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Five Things to Watch in the NH Primary

ABC News(MANCHESTER, N.H.) -- Tuesday will be a critical moment on the road to the White House as residents of the Granite State cast their votes in the first-in-the-nation primary.With independents making up more than 40 percent of the electorate, the New Hampshire primary can often surprise, and that may be the case Tuesday.Here are the five things to watch for when New Hampshire votes:1. The Sanders-Clinton Expectations GameSen. Bernie Sanders seems poised to win the Democratic primary. The l

President Obama to Host White House Meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza(WASHINGTON) — President Obama will welcome the King of Jordan to the White House this month.The Feb. 24 meeting is set to take place at the White House, where the two leaders will discuss the fight against ISIS, the Syrian war and the refugee crisis.“The United States greatly values its enduring and strategic partnership with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, as well as our shared initiatives on a broad range of diplomatic and security challeng

Clinton Campaign Uses Feminism to Make Case Against Sanders

ABC News(MANCHESTER, N.H.) -- In the closing days before Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, Hillary Clinton has been leaning heavily on feminism to make a case against her opponent Bernie Sanders.On Sunday, her husband, former President Bill Clinton, unleashed a tirade aimed at people who he alleges are Sanders supporters who he said are making “vicious” and “sexist” comments to Hillary Clinton supporters online.“People who have gone online to explain, just expl

Chris Christie Gets Down on One Knee to Woo NH Voter

ABC/Randy Sager(HUDSON, N.H.) -- You would have thought he was asking for her hand in marriage.But when a woman at Chris Christie’s first town hall Monday morning in Hudson, New Hampshire, introduced herself as an undecided voter who was leaning toward supporting him but wasn’t quite convinced, the New Jersey governor knelt down on his knee, proposal-style, to ask for her vote."I hope she votes for me. I’ve got dirt all over my pants,” Christie said after listening to her

Obamas Hope to Fix White House's Spotty WiFi for Next First Family

iStock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) — President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are determined to fix the White House's sub-par WiFi before they leave 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue next year."The whole tech thing, we've been trying to get that straight for the next group of folks," Obama said in an interview with CBS ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday.He added: "This is an old building, so there are a lot of dead spots where the WiFi doesn't work."Michelle said the spotty WiFi has been espe

Chris Christie Invokes Bill Clinton in 'Wide Open' GOP Race

ABC News(NEW YORK) — A day before voters go to the polls in the first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire, Chris Christie said he believes “the race is now wide open” and pointed to Bill Clinton as evidence.“No one knows what's going on in this race at all,” the New Jersey governor and Republican presidential candidate said on Good Morning America Monday.“We sense real momentum on the ground for us. We're looking to run right through the tape on Tuesday,&rd

Chris Christie Says the 'Anointment' of Marco Rubio is 'Over'

Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images(MANCHESTER, N.H.) -- After his bludgeoning of rival presidential candidate Marco Rubio in Saturday night’s debate, Chris Christie declared on Sunday that the "anointment" of Rubio is over."That anointment is now over," Christie told reporters after a stop at a local pub in New Hampshire. "I think it changes the entire race."Christie repeatedly challenged Rubio at the debate, hosted by ABC News, and the Florida senator's performance was met with more than

President Obama and the First Lady Dish on How They Celebrate the Super Bowl

Mark Wilson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama dished on how the first family hosts a Super Bowl Sunday party in the White House."We have a regular group of friends that we've been having now, the last four or five years," President Obama said in the CBS interview Sunday, the couple's first live joint interview. "We all go upstairs to the residence, sort of in the Treaty Room, which is my office. We clear everything out, and it's you know your basic wings,

9-Year-Old Takes Cruz's Stage and Mic at New Hampshire Town Hall, N.H.) -- Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz handed over his mic and stage to a 9-year-old with a burning question Sunday in Peterborough, New Hampshire.The Texas senator was taking questions from a packed room when a young boy named Hank stood up to ask his question.When the mic wasn't working and Hank was too far back for the senator to hear, Cruz invited him to come towards the front.Hank took the invitation one step further and walked up onto the stage. Cruz

Hillary Clinton Says She Has 'Never, Ever' Let a Donor Influence Her Vote

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defended her voting record Sunday in an interview on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos," saying she has never been influenced to vote one way or another by a donor.“I have never, ever been influenced in a view or a vote by anyone who has given me any kind of funding,” she said.The defense came in the wake of criticism over Clinton’s alleged ties to Wall Street from her rival for the nomination, Ve

Donald Trump Wants to Authorize 'Something Beyond Waterboarding'

ABC News(MANCHESTER, N.H.) -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said the United States needs to authorize "something beyond waterboarding" in order to better fight terror groups.Trump justified the use of waterboarding and other unnamed advanced interrogation techniques because terror groups use greater measures to inflict fear and harm. He added that groups like ISIS go well beyond waterboarding."I would absolutely authorize something beyond waterboarding and believe me, it will be

Super PAC Supporting Jeb Bush Crowdfunds Super Bowl 50 Ad

ABC News(NEW YORK) --  A super PAC supporting former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination has crowdfunded an ad in New Hampshire for Sunday's Super Bowl.Right to Rise said it raised $320,000 -- enough to buy the 30-second spot. The organization said 506 donors contributed. Right to Rise began running an ad this weekend in South Carolina featuring former President George W. Bush. The group wouldn't say whether the same ad would play in New Hampshire dur

Ted Cruz Super PAC to Run Super Bowl Ad in South Carolina

ABC News(NEW YORK) --  A super PAC supporting Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination is expanding its efforts in South Carolina with an ad airing during Super Bowl 50 that jabs at one of his rivals, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio."Keep The Promise" I said it paid $465,500 to air two television ads in South Carolina in the run-up to the state’s primary on Feb. 20. During Sunday's Super Bowl, an ad called “Leadership” will air in the state.The ad

Marco Rubio Defends Repeated Attack of President Obama During Republican Debate

ABC/Donna Svennevik(MANCHESTER, N.H.) -- Florida Sen. Marco Rubio defended repeating an attack he made against President Obama during Saturday's Republican presidential debate, in which he said on four separate occasions that he wanted to dispel the notion the president doesn't know what he's doing.“It's what I believe and it's what I'm going to continue to say, because it happens to be one of the main reasons why I am running,” Rubio said in an exclusive interview on ABC's "This Wee

Ben Carson Says He'll Stay in Race No Matter What Happens in New Hampshire

Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images(NEW YORK) --  Ben Carson is here to stay, despite the ups and downs of his campaign."For many months, the political class, pundits, the media have tried to ignore or bury me," Carson said in his closing statements during Saturday night's Republican debate hosted by ABC News. "They say that politics is too complex and too sleazy. You can't survive."Well, guess what? I'm still here. And I'm not going any place, either."Before voting began on the night of the Iowa

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