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President Obama Leaves Audience Laughing at Final White House Correspondents' Di

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- President Obama was the King of "Nerd Prom" at the White House Correspondents' Dinner in the nation's capital on Saturday night.The president showed his comedic side by taking shots at himself, but spent a significant amount of time joking about the campaign season, saying he was disappointed Donald Trump didn't make an appearance."What could he possibly be doing instead?" he asked the room of journalism's best. "Is he at home, eating a Trump steak?

Ted Cruz Wins 10 of 13 Delegates at Virginia GOP Convention

ABC News(RICHMOND, Va.) -- Ted Cruz won 10 of the 13 delegates up for grabs at the Virginia Republican Convention Saturday, with Donald Trump taking the other three after state delegates voted in favor of the slate recommended by the nominations committee.The result had many Trump supporters upset, because Trump won the Virginia primary."I voted for Cruz in the primary but I am against this slate because this is not what our state voted for," said one delegate who took the mic to voice her conce

Satanists Snub Comparison of Cruz to Lucifer

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Prominent Satanists want to be clear: Ted Cruz need not apply.After former House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday called the current Republican presidential candidate “Lucifer in the flesh,” saying he found it difficult to work with him, officials from the Church of Satan decried the comparison."Having a conservative Christian likened to Lucifer — one who opposes equal rights for same sex couples and promotes the ability to deny services to any with diffe

'Comedian-In-Chief' Obama to Deliver Final White House Correspondents Dinner Spe

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza(WASHINGTON) --  It's a comedy routine two presidential terms in the making, with Saturday marking the final time President Obama will don his "Comedian-In-Chief" hat to roast the press, politicians and celebrities at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.Over the years, President Obama has used the dinner to cast a comedic light on some of the day's political headlines and laugh off his critics.In his first dinner speech back in 2009, Obama op

A Look Back at Bernie Sanders' Campaign One Year Later YORK) --  Sen. Bernie Sanders announced his presidential candidacy a year ago today. And over the past 12 months, his campaign has followed an almost poetic arch: taking the country by storm (and surprise), amassing a staff of over 1,000 people, breaking fundraising records and drawing some of the largest and most energetic crowds of this election cycle.But the momentum continued to slow this week after big losses along the eastern seaboard and his chances to secure th

Kasich: Republicans Who Are 'Scaring' Hispanic Voters May Hurt GOP in General El

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich said Friday evening that some of his fellow party members are alienating Hispanic voters with scare tactics that could hurt the GOP in November's general election."Do the Republicans actually think that they can win an election by scaring every Hispanic in this country to death?" Kasich told reporters at the California GOP convention in San Francisco, being held ahead of the state's June 7 primary. "Scaring them to the po

President Obama Urges Senate Republicans to Give Merrick Garland a Hearing

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza(WASHINGTON) -- In this week's address, President Obama repeated his call for Republicans in the Senate to give Chief Judge Merrick Garland a fair hearing and a vote.Counting 45 days since he nominated Judge Garland to the Supreme Court, the president highlighted some comments from Senate Republicans."Judge Garland is someone who Senate Republicans are on record saying is 'a man of accomplishment and keen intellect;' a man who’s 'honest and capable;'

John McCain Accuses President Obama of Having 'No Strategy' in Middle East

Win McNamee/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Arizona Sen. John McCain delivered this week's Republican address, talking about national security concerns that the U.S. faces and the leadership needed to deal with it.McCain, who is also chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services, said that under President Obama, the country has "been on a holiday from American leadership.""What’s unfortunately clear is this President has no strategy to successfully reverse the tide of slaughter and m

Inside President Obama's Smart Gun Announcement

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- The Obama administration has released a report outlining a strategy to push smart gun technology, something President Obama called for in his January executive action on gun control.Here are the details:What's smart gun technology?Smart guns are high-tech firearms that only work in the hands of their owner. In his January executive action on gun control, Obama called for several administration departments to work on a report "outlining research and development designed to

Tense Protests Outside Donald Trump's California Speech Site

ABC/ Ida Mae Astute(SAN FRANCISCO) -- A growing group of protesters have gathered outside of a California event venue where Donald Trump is expected to speak Friday afternoon.The street outside of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Burlingame where Trump is going to address the California GOP Convention near San Francisco was already closed in advance of the event.There were an estimated 250 to 300 protesters gathered outside from a collection of different groups, including Code Pink and Black Lives Mat

Trump Slammed by Jewish Group Over 'America First' Slogan

ABC/ Ida Mae Astute(NEW YORK) -- Donald Trump is being criticized by the Anti-Defamation League for repeating a slogan the group believes to be anti-Semitic.The ADL has taken issue with Trump's use of the phrase "America First" to describe his approach to foreign policy.The phrase was originally used by a group called the America First Committee in the 1940s, which pushed to keep the U.S. out of World War II.The ADL released a statement Thursday saying that famed aviator Charles Lindbergh, one o

'Lucifer in the Flesh': Ted Cruz's Popularity Problem

ABC News(NEW YORK) --  The list of people who have openly admitted to disliking Sen. Ted Cruz appears to grow by the day.The harder list to create is one of people who openly admit to liking Cruz. Apart from Carly Fiorina, whom Cruz announced as his vice president should he become the nominee, most of Cruz's high-profile endorsements have been tepid.South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham supported Cruz by throwing him a fundraiser in March and calling Cruz "the best alternative to Donald Trump.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence Endorses Ted Cruz

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Indiana Gov. Mike Pence announced Friday that he will be voting for Sen. Ted Cruz in the state's upcoming primary.The endorsement comes just four days before the state holds its primary.During a campaign stop in Indiana Friday morning before Pence's announcement, Cruz praised Pence calling him "an optimistic, positive, unifying force" as well as "a strong leader" and "an extraordinary governor.""I have tremendous respect for Gov. Mike Pence. He has been an incredible leader

Indiana Governor Mike Pence to Endorse Ted Cruz

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will announce his endorsement of Sen. Ted Cruz at noon Friday, according to a source familiar with his plans.The endorsement comes just four days before the state holds its primary.Pence's coveted endorsement was clearly something that Cruz's rival Donald Trump was hoping to win. The Republican front-runner posted a tweet on April 20 showing him and Chris Christie meeting with Pence.Had a meeting with the terrific @GovPenceIN of Indiana. So excited t

What Bernie Sanders' New Stump Speech Says About His Campaign

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Bernie Sanders hit the campaign trail with renewed vigor Thursday -- and a new speech.The Vermont senator returned to the West Coast for rally in Eugene, Oregon, Thursday and debuted new remarks, which were likely a preview of what is to come as he continues on the campaign trail, but faces the reality that his path to nomination has all but closed.In the last few weeks, Sanders’ has vowed to do two things: Campaign against any Republican candidate, and try to amass

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