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Wisconsin Mom and Daughter Diagnosed with Cancer 13 Days Apart

Courtesy Missy Shatley(PRAIRIE FARM, Wisc.) -- It’s a battle they never thought they’d face, let alone at the same time. Missy and Brooke Shatley, a mother and daughter from Prairie Farm, Wisconsin, both have cancer. They were diagnosed only 13 days apart. “It’s that unbelief,” Missy, 38, told ABC News of her reaction when they learned the devastating news. “You feel numb, like this can’t really be happening. This is happening to somebody else, it could

Cancer-Stricken Girl's Make-A-Wish Playhouse Stalled by Homeowner Association

Jennifer Schultz(KANSAS CITY) -- A cancer-stricken girl's wish for a dream playhouse might be fulfilled after all, now that the local homeowner association, which initially blocked the request, said it is trying to find a compromise. The story of Ella Schultz, 6, made headlines after her Make-A-Wish request -- a backyard playhouse -- was rejected by a local homeowner association, according to local news station KCTV 5 News in Kansas City. Originally, the team at the Make-a-Wish Foundation manage

Superman Fan Saves Two Lives After Donating Kidneys the Day He Died

Jackie Kmetz(NEW YORK) -- A Superman-obsessed dad in Washington left behind two kids when he died Saturday, but saved two lives through kidneys he donated just hours after his death. Chris Kmetz of Bothell was driving home from his job as a Boeing analyst Feb. 23 when his car flipped into a drainage pond, putting the Superman fan on life support, his wife Jackie Kmetz told ABC News on Thursday. Because she was warned her husband likely wouldn't make it, she mentioned to hospital staff early on h

Last Ebola Patient in Liberia Leaves Treatment Ward

Carielle Doe for ABC News(MONROVIA, Liberia) -- The final Ebola patient in Liberia is back home and Ebola-free.Beatrice Yardolo, 58, spent 16 days in a Chinese Ebola treatment unit, but she returned home on Thursday, singing and dancing while her husband looked on and cried.The Yardolo family caught the deadly virus from their son, who had been working in another Ebola treatment clinic. Three of their children died in January and February, Yardolo told ABC News. In the days after her foster daug

Recovering Addict Explains Why You Should Care Heroin Overdose Deaths Tripled

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- A high school soccer and softball player with passing grades, 17-year-old Kiyla would be the last person you’d expect to become addicted to heroin. Even Kiyla didn't want to believe it, and when she did, she wasn't sure she wanted to stop using the drug until she found herself in lockup for three months."I realized when I was waiting in shackles and handcuffs and saw my parents' faces," she said. "I said, 'I'm going to get clean.' I was clean for six months."

YouTube Campaign Urges Women to Share Advice to Their Younger Selves

iStock Editorial/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- To celebrate International Women’s Day, YouTube has launched a campaign urging women to share advice they would give to their younger selves.The effort is meant to inspire and empower young girls everywhere who may be struggling with similar issues, and YouTube is soliciting participation in the form of GIFs to be shared under the hashtag #DearMe.On its dedicated web page, the effort makes this appeal: “Teenagers everywhere know that growing u

Have a Drink, You'll Look Better

iStock/Thinkstock(BRISTOL, England) — Much has been said about how people seem more attractive after you’ve been drinking, i.e., the so-called “beer goggles effect.”But a new study from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom wanted to know if people who drink alcohol actually look better than when they haven’t imbibed.Senior researcher Marcus Munafo and his team had 40 heterosexual students look at a series of head shots of men and women taken before the me

Study Suggests Seniors' Cognitive Function Linked to Sex Life

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Just how important is a healthy sex life? Important enough to keep seniors mentally sharp, apparently.Researchers in The Netherlands tested the cognitive functions of about 1,750 men and women whose average age was 71 while also asking them questions about the importance of sex, both personally and in general, for older people. They also quizzed the participants about their own sex lives and other topics concerning intimacy.While 25 percent of the participants

Happiness Is Eight Hours of Sleep

Wavebreak Media/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Know why singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams is happy? It’s because he and his hat get plenty of sleep every night. But don’t quote us on that.Seriously, though, getting the recommended amount of sleep does seem to improve the mood of Americans, according to a survey of 7,000 adults conducted by Gallup and Healthways, a well-being improvement company.Researchers say people who managed to sleep eight hours scored a 65.7 out of 100 in the st

Teen Who Woke Up Paralyzed Now Walking and Running Again

Ivanko_Brnjakovic/iStock/Thinkstock(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) -- A Nashville, Tennessee, teen is celebrating that she's regained the ability to walk after suffering sudden paralysis. Just six weeks ago, Jessica Shainberg, 15, woke up with no feeling below her waist. "She was very calm," her father, Jeff Shainberg, told ABC News. "I didn’t believe her at first, [I said] 'You gotta wake your legs up and we got to go to school.'" Days earlier, Jessica had felt tingling in her legs, but after a trip t

Chloe Rutzerveld's 3-D Printed 'Snack of the Future' Is Natural and Delicious

Chloe Rutzerveld(NEW YORK) -- Most people don’t associate high-tech, 3-D printed food with health or taste. Dutch food designer Chloé Rutzerveld hopes to change that perception. Rutzerveld said her new Edible Growth project, which imagines 3-D printing an elegant yet healthy and natural hors d'oeuvre, is truly “food for thought.” “[It’s] an example of high-tech but fully natural, healthy, and sustainable food made possible by combining aspects of nature, scie

Scopes that Spread UCLA 'Superbug' Were Awaiting FDA Clearance

File photo. (iStock/Thinkstock)(LOS ANGELES) -- The manufacturer of the scopes that spread a drug-resistant "superbug" to seven California patients had tweaked the scopes' design and was selling them without federal permission to do so, according to the Food and Drug Administration.Seven people have become infected with the drug-resistant "superbug" known as CRE at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center after undergoing endoscopy procedures, and CRE may have played a role in two of those patients' de

Family of Brain-Dead Pregnant Woman Now Fighting to Change State Law

iStock/Thinkstock(AUSTIN, Texas) -- A family that had to go to court to get a brain-dead woman taken off life support is now fighting to change Texas law so other families won’t have to go through the same ordeal.The family of Marlise Munoz is working with Texas lawmakers to craft a new bill that could make it easier for families to have end-of-life decisions in regards to a pregnant woman, according to a new documentary in production currently titled, The Pregnancy Exclusion.“I just

Your Gluten-Free Diet May Be a Tax Write-Off

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Cutting bread from your diet could potentially save you some bread on your taxes, financial experts say.While diet gurus debate the health merits for the average person of avoiding the gluten protein found in wheat, rye and barley grains, no one disputes the extra cost. On average, the gluten-free versions of many foods were 242 percent pricier than the regular products in one National Institutes of Health study.But Mark Luscombe, a principal federal tax analyst fo

Flat Shoes Linked to Women's Foot Problems

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- For many women, sensible, comfortable flats are a wardrobe staple.Despite the shoes’ popularity, however, some experts have a warning. They say some types of flats can lead to a host of potential health problems, including toe infection, that could even require surgery.The damage is caused when tight, pointy-toed flats put pressure on toenails, causing them to bend and become ingrown. In some cases, if the situation is left untreated it could lead to bone inf

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