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Why Female Prison Employees May Risk Having Sexual Relationships with Inmates

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — As allegations emerged about the potential relationship between two escaped convicted felons and a prison employee, one former female corrections officer is providing an insider perspective on forbidden love behind bars.According to Robin Kay Miller, 53, a corrections officer for nearly 20 years until she retired in 2005, sex between officers and inmates has always been an issue in prison. Miller is writing a book about her experience working in the prison

Tennessee Man Promises Wife Second Wedding After Losing Her Memory in Car Crash

Kayla Williams(BRISTOL, Tenn.) -- Jeremy Stamper said he was heartbroken when he learned that his wife of just a few short weeks, Justice Stamper, had forgotten the details of their wedding day after losing her short term memory in a car crash. "She finally came out and told me she didn’t remember the wedding," Stamper of Bristol, Tennessee told ABC News. "I said, 'Don’t worry about it. We’re going to do it again.'" Stamper, 21, said he and Justice met at their Sunday school ch

11-Year-Old Girl 'Allergic' to Sunlight

Savannah Fulkerson cannot spend time in the sun without causing injury to her skin. (KABC-TV)(LOS ANGELES) -- Around the time Savannah Fulkerson turned 4, she became unable to spend any length of time outdoors. “We’d be outside about 20 minutes or so … she’d say, ‘I burn!’” recalled Savannah’s mother Andrea Fulkerson. Fulkerson remembers Savannah in so much pain she had “uncontrollable screaming like she got hit by a car.” “She w

Study: Surgery May Beat Diet and Exercise for Diabetes

Photodisc/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Recent research has pointed to the effectiveness of weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass and laparoscopic banding in treating diabetes. Now, a new study suggests that these surgical approaches may even be more effective at eliminating the disease than the tried-and-true methods of lifestyle intervention -- in other words, diet and exercise. Researchers conducted a randomized controlled trial in which they assigned obese patients with type 2 diabetes to eith

Despite Warnings, Adults Using Indoor Tanning Beds Largely Undeterred

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- In recent years, the media has been replete with warnings from medical authorities concerning the dangers of indoor tanning beds -- dangers that include skin cancer, wrinkles and potentially blinding eye conditions. Despite this, a new study -- published Wednesday in the journal JAMA Dermatology -- using data from a large nationally representative survey shows that the reported rate of use of indoor tanning beds did not decrease much between 2010 and 2013. Resea

Sunburn 'Art' Makes Experts Cringe

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- This summer some sunbathers are getting a little creative by trying their hand with “sunburn” art.On social media people can be found using sunblock or temporary tattoos to create “artful” sunburns. But experts cringe at the practice, warning that any sunburn can lead to damage and increased chance of skin cancer.“This is where popular culture is clashing with medical advice,” said Dr. Barney Kenet, a New York-based dermatologist

Your Body: Are You Suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Monkey Business/ThinkstockBy DR. JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC News Senior Medical ContributorAre you sleepy-tired, or tired-tired?When do you know whether your fatigue is caused by just a bad mattress, or some more severe and serious medical condition, like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?Those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are often treated with skepticism. Some people think it’s all “in your head.”But researchers hope that more studies will help them treat people with this debili

Women Share Surprising Facts About Their Boobs

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Women think about their boobs almost as often as men think about sex…kind of.Elle magazine knows how important boobs are to women and their everyday lives, so the magazine conducted its first ever "Boob Survey" on, and discovered some interesting facts from 7,000 readers.Women definitely judge their breasts. Sixty percent of the women polled think they look like udders, and 21 percent compare their breasts to fruit for the sake of understanding

Officials Confirm Ebola's Return to Liberia

ZOOM DOSSO/AFP/Getty Images(MONROVIA, Liberia) -- Liberian officials confirmed that Ebola has returned to the country after the death of a teenager.The 17-year-old boy tested positive for the virus 48 days after the World Health Organization declared Liberia free of Ebola on May 9. More than 8,000 people died from the disease after the virus spread across the country in 2014.While officials only confirmed the virus after the teenager had died, he was buried according to Ebola protocols to reduce

Study Investigates Possible Link Between Citrus and Skin Cancer

Ls9907/iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Cancer researchers are examining if eating citrus might put people more at risk for developing melanoma since researchers have long known that certain citrus juices on the surface of the skin can make skin so sensitive to light that people can end up with serious burns.Dr. Abar Qureshi, director of dermatology at Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital, and his team wanted to know if simply eating citrus could also lead a higher risk of sensitivity to lig

California Gov. Signs Vaccination Legislation into Law

uiscar/iStock/Thinkstock(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) -- California Governor Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed into law legislation requiring public school students be vaccinated, a bill that prompted much debate.The law revokes a parent's ability to opt out of vaccinating their child based on personal beliefs, but does allow for a physician to exempt a child for reasons that include family medical history. Brown, in a message posted to his website, said that "the science is clear" that vaccines work in prot

Therapy Tortoise Comforts Residents at Florida Nursing Home

Chautauqua Rehabilitation & Nursing Center(DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla.) -- A 20-year-old is one of the slowest at a nursing home in Florida.Shelly -- an African spur thigh tortoise -- has roamed the halls of the Chautauqua Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in DeFuniak Springs, Florida, for the past two years.“He’s quite the anomaly here. He’ll always make himself known and do anything he can to get his neck scratched,” occupational therapist Brandy Meredith told ABC News

Officials Search for Amnesiac Woman's Family After Tumor Left Her with No Memory

Found Woman with Amnesia-Help Find Her Family/Facebook(SAN DIEGO) — An amnesiac woman is turning to the Internet in the hopes that someone can identify her after a large tumor left her with no memory of her family or friends.Called "Sam," the woman was found in Southern California by firefighters in February and immediately taken to a local hospital, where she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, according to a Facebook page created to help her find her family. Doctors told her a volleyball-

Your Body: The Deadly Effects of Smoking

Wavebreak Media/ThinkstockBy DR. JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC News Senior Medical ContributorThe percentage of Americans who smoke has decreased from 23 percent in 2000 to 18 percent in 2012. But the bad news is that there's still a staggering number of deaths from smoking each and every year. Researchers have looked at 12 types of cancer that are associated with smoking. They found that almost half of cancer deaths can be attributed to the effects of smoking. All told, we’re talking 170,000 preve

Boy Who Never Gives Up Overcomes Physical Challenge to Excel at Sports

Courtesy The Duncan Family(INDIANAPOLIS) — Aidan Duncan is happiest when he’s playing sports on a field or court.But the 12-year-old boy from Indianapolis, Indiana, is different from the other children on his teams. He was born with a partially formed left arm.“We found out that his left arm was not developing. It could have been because of his umbilical cord wrapping around his arm, they’re not quite sure,” his mother, Mona Mulvany, told ABC’s Good Morning Am

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