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Blood Clot Removal Could Help More Stroke Victims, Study Finds

Hayden Bird/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The window for helping certain stroke patients with a potentially life-saving blood clot removal surgical treatment may be longer than previously thought, according to a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.Traditionally stroke is treated with medications that stabilize or diminish blood clots in the brain. In select patients surgical intervention to remove the clot may be possible to mitigate effects of the stroke.Curre

This Mom Threw Out Her Kids' Toys and Got Her Life Back

Courtesy Allie Casazza(NEW YORK) -- Allie Casazza was drowning -- in toys.“I had this huge room in my house, dedicated to toys,” she told ABC News. “Bins overflowing with stuff. A $150 light-up unicorn no one played with. The playroom was the bane of my existence.”She describes a scene familiar to many moms.“I’d send the kids into the playroom and they’d dump out a few things. They’d be back moments later, saying they were bored and asking for snac

Elderly Couple Reunited After Forced to Live Apart for Months

Courtesy Ashley Bartyik(NEW YORK) -- An elderly Canadian couple has finally been reunited after being forced to live in separate nursing homes for more than eight months, according to their granddaughter.The reunion, which was filled with "tears of joy," came after Wolfram Gottschalk, 83, and Anita Gottschalk, 81, were photographed crying in late August during a visitation a few months after they were first separated, according to their granddaughter, Ashley Bartyik."This is the saddest photo I

Your Body: How Sex Affects Wellness at an Older Age

iStock/ThinkstockBy DR. JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC News Senior Medical ContributorYou've probably already heard that having sex has health benefits. But there is currently little data looking specifically at how sex affects wellness in older people.Researchers have now found, however, that women who found sex with their partners to be extremely satisfying had a lower risk of high blood pressure five years later. On the other hand, men who found sex extremely pleasurable and satisfying had a higher ris

Why Super Potent Synthetic Opioids Are 'Crazy Dangerous,' DEA Says

Drew Angerer/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — As the opioid epidemic has continued to grow in multiple parts of the country, extremely potent synthetic forms of the painkillers -- especially fentanyl and carfentanil -- have become more common among everyday users, according to U.S. authorities.Last week, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) issued a public warning to law enforcement about the safety risks of taking or interacting with synthetic opioids, especially carfentanil and fentanyl. The agen

Why One Blogger Mom Says Parents Should Become More 'Average'

ABC News(NEW YORK) — One mom is advocating for a laid back approach to parenting, calling out “free-range” and “helicopter” parents and suggesting that moms and dads drop the labels and embrace being average.Blogger Ilana Wiles stopped by Good Morning America Tuesday to discuss her new book, The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting and shared her tips for letting go."I think there's so much pressure to be a perfect parent today that a lot of moms actua

Report: Falls Are Top Cause of Injury and Death in Older Americans

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Do you have an older loved one you're doing your best to keep safe and healthy? Then do whatever you can to eliminate their chances of falling.A new report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds falls are the number-one cause of injuries and deaths from injury among older Americans. They experienced 29 million falls in 2014 alone, causing seven million injuries.  It's costly to taxpayers, too -- annual Medicare costs to treat fall-re

Your Body: Nasal Flu Vaccine Not Recommended for Kids

iStock/ThinkstockBy DR. JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC News Senior Medical ContributorUnfortunately for children and parents, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has announced it is not recommending the nasal mist form of the flu vaccine for kids this flu season.This comes on the heels of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study that found the mist form of the vaccine was not effective in preventing influenza. To be crystal clear here, the AAP is still recommending that every child above th

Cafeteria Manager Sheds 100 Pounds Eating Kids' Menu

Photodisc/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — A nutrition manager at a Texas elementary school lost more than 100 pounds by simply eating the same foods she encouraged her students to consume for breakfast and lunch."I was 260 pounds and I got a job as a nutrition manager but then I realized I wasn’t very nutritious so I decided to make a change," Tammy McRae said Monday on Good Morning America. "That’s what made me want to lose the weight -- for my kids that I had to inspire to eat better.

'Anti-Vaxxer' Mom Changes Mind After Her Three Kids Fall Ill

iStock/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) — Kristen O'Meara chose not to vaccinate her young daughters as she was a big believer in anti-vaccination research. That changed when all three were stricken with a case of rotavirus, which causes acute stomach distress."It was awful and it didn't have to happen because I could have had them vaccinated. I felt guilty, I felt really guilty," she told ABC News.O'Meara and her husband also fell ill.O'Meara, a teacher living outside Chicago, added that she had "scou

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