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How Your Internet-Enabled Device Could Be Hijacked to Launch Cyber-Attacks

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Your internet-linked baby monitor may be participating in a major cyber-attack, and you don’t even know it.While experts have been warning for some time that the proliferation of devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) -- like web-connected baby monitors, cars, smart speakers, DVRs and even cars -- posed a new threat in cyberspace, a major cyber-attack on Friday has given new impetus to calls to bolster the security of the devices, which are more po

Jared Fogle's Ex-Wife Files Suit, Says Subway Knew His 'Depravities and Failed t YORK) -- The ex-wife of former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle filed a lawsuit Monday against the sandwich chain, claiming the company knew of Fogle's "depravities and failed to act."Fogle's ex-wife Katie McLaughlin said she filed the suit to seek unspecified damages and because she has "questions to which I have no other way to get answers.""What did Subway know and when did they know it?" she read from a statement Monday at a press conference. "What investigations, if any, did the

US Stocks Close Higher on New Corporate Deals

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Wall Street closed mostly higher Monday amid news of major corporate deals and earnings.The Dow gained 77.32 (+0.43 percent) to finish at 18,223.03.The Nasdaq jumped 52.43 (+1.00 percent) to close at 5,309.83, while the S&P 500 finished at 2,151.33, up 10.17 (+0.47 percent) from its open.Crude oil fell less than 1 percent with prices hitting over $50 a barrel.AT&T: Over the weekend, AT&T Inc. announced it had reached a deal with Time Warner Inc. to buy

Virgin America Launches One-of-a-Kind 'First Class Shoe' for Charity

Virgin America(NEW  YORK) — After the auctions for Nike’s auto-lacing MAG sneaker, straight out of Back to the Future 2, made headlines -- and $6.75 million for Parkinson's Research -- Virgin America has stepped up, literally, with its one-of-a-kind First Class Shoe.The collaboration between the company, the marketing folks at Eleven Inc. and the Italian design firm SearchnDesign outfitted a fine white Italian leather high-top with high-tech, first class amenities like a USB por

Fly Thanksgiving's Cheap Days and Save Up to Sixty-Five Percent

Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- If you still plan to fly at Thanksgiving, I only have two words for you: Shop now. Flying the cheapest days for Turkey Day travel can save you as much as 65 percent on airline tickets.Remember, there are no good fares at Thanksgiving; it’s a matter of finding the best of the bad deals and this has a lot to do with the itinerary a traveler chooses. So, using my airfare comparison site’s proprietary data to analyze 1.8 million holiday airfar

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