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A privacy poll

A C-B-S News poll indicates 58% of Americans disapprove of the government collecting the phone numbers of ordinary Americans … but 75% approve the government monitoring those suspected of terrorist activity.
53% think the government’s collection of phone records is necessary to fight terrorism, 40% do not. Also, 60% do not think the public revelation of these programs has weakened the United States’ ability to prevent future terrorist attacks.
Nearly six in 10 Americans express some concern generally about their privacy being lost, but fewer are worried that their own personal communications are being tracked.
Overall, 46% think the government has struck the right balance in its efforts to fight terrorism, while 36% think the government has gone too far in infringing on people’s privacy. 13% say the government hasn’t gone far enough.
Protecting civil liberties such as the American right to privacy can be challenging when people are frightened. Law-abiding citizens resent big government’s assumption that we are all guilty until proven innocent.
Our thought for today is from Napoleon:
“A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights.” 

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06/17/2013 1:53AM
A privacy poll
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