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A lot of coverage for one baby

The “Kate Wait” and the birth of the little prince in London this week illustrate a common characteristic of today’s journalism: distortion.
I’m sure some people couldn’t get enough information and analysis of this story, including my own wife. But does one birth really mean that much in a world where thousands are born daily … many of them with very little chance at much of a life at all? Why all the attention?
Let’s think about it. All the cable news networks covered heavily … along with the three older networks … and the local T-V stations. The cable nets have a lot of time to fill and they’re always looking for content, much of it – in my opinion – mediocre to awful. The pipe must be filled!
Add social media to the mix and you begin to realize that we have way too much information about the arrival of one British baby.
In-depth, investigative news coverage takes time and money … and for most people, it’s just not that exciting.
Our thought for today is from Marshall McLuhan:
“The medium is the message.”

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07/26/2013 1:27AM
A lot of coverage for one baby
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