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A good daughter is a treasure

This is my daughter’s birthday. She has been a treasure to Shelley and me.
She was a happy, out-going child … lots of personality … always ready to try new things. Staci was an excellent student, performing well in spelling bees and math contests. She was a cheerleader and pom at North High.
She has an accounting degree from Wichita State and is married to an accountant. She has four beautiful children and she’s a great mom.
I feel compelled to add that she was not a perfect child, but her misbehavior never caused us public embarrassment. There was that time she was grounded for six months … still a record among her friends.
She is more politically conservative than her mother and me. During tax time she calls on us for help with the kids and we do what we can.
She loves birthdays and holidays. She hates chicken on the bone and mayonnaise. (That, I cannot explain)
I can’t imagine having a better daughter. Happy birthday, Staci.
Our thought for today is from Bruce Barton:
“If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm.” 

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05/22/2013 3:57AM
A good daughter is a treasure
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