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A blow to the health care overhaul

It came as no surprise to me that a federal judge released an opinion that the federal health care overhaul may be unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson questions whether the government is reaching beyond its power by requiring that citizens buy health insurance because everyone needs medical care.
Under that logic – says Vinson – the government could force Americans to buy clothes or food. The judge sided with 26 states that have filed suit, including Kansas.
The 70-year-old Vinson once joked that he paid the doctor in cash when his wife gave birth to their first child … that it “amounted to about $100 a pound”. I could tell you a similar story. I trust His Honor realizes that times have changed.
I realize that requiring a larger insurance pool will not automatically lower costs. We need stronger efforts to get at the root causes of soaring health care expenses.
It’s widely accepted that this case will wind up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.
Our thought for today is from John Sladek:
“The future, according to some scientists, will be exactly like the past, only more expensive.”

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02/03/2011 1:17AM
A blow to the health care overhaul
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