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Posted: Thursday, 16 February 2017 9:03PM

Kansas lawmakers approve bill for tax increases

TOPEKA, Kan. – The Kansas House has approved a bill that would increase personal income taxes to help balance the state budget.
The vote Thursday was 76-48 and sends the measure to the Senate.
The bill would raise more than $1 billion over two years, starting in July. It would abandon core policies championed by Gov. Sam Brownback.
Supporters had eight votes less than the two-thirds majority of 84 necessary in the GOP-controlled, 125-member House to override a Brownback veto.
The bill’s backers also lost seven votes overnight. The House gave the bill first-round approval Wednesday on an 83-39 vote.
Representative Jim Ward, (D-Wichita), voted in favor of the bill.
“We made a good first step in ending the fiscal crisis in our state,” said Ward.
On the other side of the aisle, Representative Blake Carpenter, (R-Derby), felt there could have been a better solution.
“The state can do other things to try and come up with revenue or figure out ways that aren’t as punitive as these tax increases are,” said Carpenter.
Brownback has said he would not sign the bill because he opposes broad income tax increases like those in the measure.
The Senate expects to debate the bill Friday.

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02/16/2017 9:06PM
Kansas lawmakers approve bill for tax increases
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02/17/2017 5:47PM
Kansas lawmakers approve bill for tax increases
NO! NO! NO! Stop the run away spending!!
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