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14 years at KNSS

Last Thursday I passed a personal and professional milestone … 14 years on the air at K-N-S-S.
There is no great significance in the number “14”, I guess, but I like to think about my work on such anniversaries. The longest I was ever at a radio station before was ten years at K-E-Y-N, back in the seventies. Most radio personalities put in about three to five years at any station before moving on. But in recent years, radio owners have settled into operating their stations instead of buying-and-selling them … and changing formats every six months. That means some air personalities have stayed in the same place for longer periods.
I realized early that my politics were not nearly conservative enough to please many of our K-N-S-S listeners. I’m not very good at spouting party lines, and I sometimes even change my mind about issues and people.
Another 14 years at K-N-S-S? It’s a good company with good people … and I love my work.
Our thought for today is from Henry J. Kaiser:
“When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.”

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01/24/2012 12:58AM
14 years at KNSS
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