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Radio and the Internet
Recently I was at a Radio conference. We talked about the present and the future of Radio. We talked about how people use Radio. How they access it. With the Internet, more and more people are trying out Radio on things like their Smart Phones. In fact I was talking with a friend that travels from Wichita to Kansas City on an almost weekly basis. He told me the other day that he now listens to KNSS all the way up there and back, never losing us. That's because he uses our free i-Phone App on his Smart Phone, connected via Bluetooth through his car radio. As long as he has an internet connection, he can connect with us anywhere in the world.

I can remember back to the mid 90s when we had 1 computer hooked up to the internet at the radio station. It was stuck in a small office in the back. We used a dial-up phone line to connect. We mainly used it to get show prep, what little there was compared to now. Today, the Internet is connecting us in ways no one could have imagined only 20 years ago.
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