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Posts from December 2011

President Paul?

A reason why Ron Paul will not be president: his insistence on being so far out in foreign affairs. No one wants to vote for a person that will fundamentally change our foreign affairs, especially when we do not know if the change will be good or bad in the end. Paul’s hand-off approach may end up giving us more problems that we can manage after serving one 4-year term. I see it as sticking our heads in the sand. America didn’t stick our heads in the sand during WWII and we are better off for it.

Now there are some things I agree with Paul on, including looking at how we deal with foreign affairs, but I’m not sure anyone is prepared for what Paul says we should drastically change. Whether we like it or not, what happens overseas does have a big affect on what happens here. Iran talking of blocking The Strait of Hormuz is a current example …

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What to expect in 2012?

It would seem that we will be in for an exciting political season this upcoming year. We continue to cover the very latest on a day to day basis with 1330 KNSS. We are seeing some small positive signs that the economy is turning around. The biggest problem with a down economy is the unemployment. It can devastate a family when the main breadwinner has no income. We all would love to see companies like Cessna return to its full levels of employment prior to this downturn. I know I am lucky to be employed. I can’t help but think of others who are not employed during this holiday season and would just love to go back to work. Let’s hope for positive news from our local employers in 2012.  

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