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Particularly Well Assembled
Yes… I did see “The Avengers.”  I don’t really have much to say about it.  Is it as good as the huge box office take implies… sure.  As of writing this it’s up over 700 Million dollars and by the end of its run it will clear a billion easily.  But that doesn’t mean it’s “the best ever,” box office take isn’t really a great indicator of movie quality.  I didn’t like “Titanic” (even though I love James Cameron movies) and it made tons of money.   But I don’t begrudge “Avengers” a single cent of that billion; it’s a really good movie.  Here’s all you need to know.  You don’t have to know your comic books or have seen any of the 5 “official” lead in movies to enjoy it (by the way; that’s Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America.)  For that same reason, if you HAVE seen all of those things (like I did) then Avengers starts a little slow.  But act 3 really makes up for any of the tiny miscues early in the movie.  It almost perfectly walks that tightrope between pleasing the comic book fanbase while simultaneously being enjoyable to everyone else as well.  I’ve been a fan of writer/director Joss Whedon (favorites being Firefly, Dr. Horrible, and Dollhouse) for a while now and he delivered well in a movie that had the potential to go very well or very, very bad.
I’d hate to be the guy at Warner Brothers who turned down the Joss Whedon script for the Wonder Woman movie.  That guy’s boss, “didn’t you tell me you didn’t think that guy’s project would make money?  He just made almost a half billion by the end of the first weekend of US release.”  Ouch; talk about all-time great failures in movie making history (and/or moneymaking history in general.) So, if you like action or comic book movies go ahead and see it.  I’ll agree with ABC’s David Blaustien and his rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.
Now, on to a different topic, and something else I endorse.  Nationally there’s a “Geek Your Library” campaign going on.  Even though “geek” has been a pejorative… these days it’s more of a verb meaning “passionate about.”  I’m not sure how it got to the anti nerd pejorative from its meaning of “performer who eats live animals” but that’s a question for the etymologists. Anyhow, I DO love libraries.  I’m a member and patron of over a dozen libraries in this state and hold memberships in a few others as well.  Within the last month I’ve patronized the Derby and Wichita public libraries, and if you go back 3 months you could add Haysville and Andover to the list.  The national “Geek” campaign just encourages library patrons to take a picture of yourself or someone else doing something that you enjoy doing that you could do or learn more about at the library.  Here in Wichita it kicks off tomorrow (Thursday) and to submit or for more information call the Wichita Public Library at 316-261-8500 or e-mail
I challenge you to go to the library and NOT find something fun to do.  Look at the calendar of events for activities or entertainment, look up things you find interesting, find something to read, find a CD or DVD to watch, listen to music, or even just surf the web with the free internet access.  If you really find NO joy in any of those things… wow.
I couldn’t live like that.
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